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We’re looking for folks who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community to contribute personal essays about their conception and/or family-building journeys for an upcoming anthology focused on highlighting and celebrating the unique ways that LGBTQIA+ people create families. 

Why this project is important: This book is a celebration of the many creative ways that LGBTQ+ people build and grow our families. In a society battling divisive politics, misunderstandings, and violence, this book is a force of hopefulness, lifting up all of the brilliant ways humans come together to grow and nourish the next generation. The book will also include practical information for LGBTQ+ people looking to build their own families.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Stories about choosing a sperm donor: known donors, flipping through the big book from the sperm bank, partners using the same sperm donor
  2. Your conception process, pregnancy, and birth
  3. Coming out later in life, blending family
  4. Being the non-biological parent to your child. Your experience of your partner’s conception, pregnancy, and birth
  5. Miscarriage and pregnancy loss
  6. Fertility disappointments and triumphs
  7. Adoption
  8. Being a child of LGBTQ+ parents
  9. TTC stories in process
  10. The class and race issues around choosing a sperm donor and purchasing sperm
  11. Single parents by choice
  12. Climate change and deciding to have children
  13. Trans pregnancy
  14. And more!

Accepted stories will be included in an anthology and we hope to pay writers for their submissions, pending a publishing deal. The ideal stories will be: unique, personal, emotional, specific, and radical.

Submissions are due: May 31th, 2021

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.